that's the second time i've missed the last train home from london.

first time was after we saw franz ferdinand at alexandra palace and missed the final train, so our friend's dad had to come pick us up.

the second time was last night where i'd missed the last train from victoria, forgot completely about the last train from waterloo east and couldn't get to there because there were no eastbound jubilee trains or london bridge because i was on the wrong branch of the northern line when i got to embankment. *sigh* thankfully i still had the keys to the flat and just about enough battery on my phone to tell my parents/flatmates/friends where i was. i forgot to add that i've emptied out my flat so i was quite cold last night. :p

i was only in waterloo too. it doesn't matter, however, because last night was awesome :) i'd much rather miss the last train than miss that altogether.
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