i've had, over the years, a number of different online diaries.

teenopendiary.com/freeopendiary.com/[insertwordhere]opendiary.com - the first one i ever used. i remember updating it back in 2002 when i'd had an argument avec ma mere & some random american lady commented on it with some helpful words. what they were, i do not remember, but that was nice of her. the website died every so often & i'm not entirely sure it's still up anymore, which wouldn't make an ounce of difference to me because i don't remember my username or password or even what i've written. though i think i once wrote a ranty, badly structured and even more badly typed post about holby city & the demise of my favourite character and all that jazz. oh, and a post about heather's wonderfulness. if i could find that now, i'd read it and see how i'd amend it. teehee.

diaryland.com - nice & simple and fortunately, for editing's sake (because it is JUST embarrassing), i can log in. i update, oh, every 2 years, perhaps? not that anyone actually knows it's around & there's no commenting feature as far as i know. it just makes me laugh! the spelling & punctuation are awful and i am a bit ashamed of myself. so clearly the mind of a 14yo.

livejournal.com - yeah. livejournal. my homeground, my homeboy, my homie. have connected to some awesome people on there, you can have locked entries and, woohoo, icons! so i still use it, but my updating is pretty erratic. i'll post every day for a while then not at all for several weeks. the link for this one is staying in my hands because i still use it. not that i'd be hard to find, of course...

blogger.com - first used this for my online journalism course and although it was alright, i could never really bond with it like i could with livejournal. it's good, however, for when your friends are constantly asking you what you want for your birthday - just give them the url to your list, hosted on blogger! http://afternoonreveries.blogspot.com - in case you wanted to buy me something, nice people. also hosted my energy saving blog on this website: http://simpleenergysaving.blogspot.com such a dynamic name.

dreamwidth.org - getting used to this, liking the freedom of this being totally open & livejournal being totally private. this is totally an elite version of lj. :D
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