avenue q - my favourite musical! & i've seen a few.

anyway, puppets meet "real life" in this hilarious musical about the inhabitants of a new york suburb. if you want love, sex, race, homosexuality, porn & puppets... you've come to the right place! currently starring daniel boys of any dream will do & the 'hardest working woman in the west end' julie atherton as well as a host of other talented performers, you're in for a treat - especially as the tickets are decently priced!

it's just come back on after a brief hiatus (it was due to close at the noel coward, but following massive ticket sales after the announcement, it was moved to the gielgud theatre) & thank god for that. everyone should see this, whether they like musicals or not. even if they don't like it, at least they've given it a try.

avenue q, booking until september at the gielgud theatre, london. you may find your purpose! http://www.avenueqthemusical.co.uk

& i will see it on broadway one day.

^ this is the original london cast, performing one of the highlight songs 'it sucks to be me' (and it does). although the cast, bar JA, have moved on, the current cast are just as good!
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