yes, i like female vocalists with pretty songs and big voices*. duffy is no exception.

i liked mercy, but i really fell in love with warwick avenue. this led for my friends and myself to conclude that duffy got it. heartbreak and the rest.

my favourite song? rockferry. there's something about that dramatic piano and...the entire song that draws me to it. it could be seen as rather melancholic? either way, it's bloody gorgeous. i could listen to it all day and it's the perfect accompaniment for walking around alone. (i've always said that, because of my tendency to have my ipod stuck in my ears a lot [i'm sociable, i just love music], i should live in a musical...) i also love hanging on too long - another song that gets it.

we do not speak of the fact we did not see duffy on tour last year. we are still in the midst of devestation.

*i am actually very eclectic. look at my! (and ignore the fact that a lot of my most played is nerina...)
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