for this, i'll just choose a film i've seen at the cinema either recently (this year, i mean) or one that i've rewatched recently. (y)

cinematters: night at the museum 2: battle of the smithsonian

i haven't seen night at the museum 1 so, to be honest, apart from comedy, i wasn't sure what to expect. it was rather good (i really like the concept), i had to say, though it was a little slow at first - though i think, as i hadn't seen the first, that was more me trying to put 2 and 2 together. ben stiller's good (i think the last film i saw him in was bedtime stories..?), as was amy adams as amelia earheart, whose hair i want (/vanity). the film definitely got better towards the end and i really enjoyed all the special effects! nice touches of history. the monkeys were adorable. perhaps i should get stuck in a museum now.

i think i'll give it 7/10. what does everyone else think? (though i'm not entirely sure why i am saying this, because no-one will give their opinion ;) )



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