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2013-03-10 11:24 pm

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tina fey > life
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2011-11-06 06:05 pm


Oh, WOW. It's been a while, hasn't it?

I have no followers on here... at all. :P I'm about to start creating TS3 CC though, so do check back!
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2009-09-30 03:44 pm

cinematters #2 - (500) days of summer

i loved it.

loved it.
loved it.
loved it.

(500) days of summer combines the happy and sad moments of a relationship by cutting back and forth between the present and past. it is incredibly funny, sad and true all at once. protagonist tom is so sweet and so hung up on summer but she doesn't seem forthcoming. all is revealed as the 500 days draw to a close...

if only i could say something more constructive than 'i want to look like zooey deschanel'...
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2009-08-23 01:03 am
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musical musings - duffy

yes, i like female vocalists with pretty songs and big voices*. duffy is no exception.

i liked mercy, but i really fell in love with warwick avenue. this led for my friends and myself to conclude that duffy got it. heartbreak and the rest.

my favourite song? rockferry. there's something about that dramatic piano and...the entire song that draws me to it. it could be seen as rather melancholic? either way, it's bloody gorgeous. i could listen to it all day and it's the perfect accompaniment for walking around alone. (i've always said that, because of my tendency to have my ipod stuck in my ears a lot [i'm sociable, i just love music], i should live in a musical...) i also love hanging on too long - another song that gets it.

we do not speak of the fact we did not see duffy on tour last year. we are still in the midst of devestation.

*i am actually very eclectic. look at my last.fm! (and ignore the fact that a lot of my most played is nerina...) http://www.last.fm/user/scrillable_x
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2009-08-09 10:19 pm

musical musings - nerina pallot

like a lot of music i grow to love, i discover the artists randomly. as i said about me discovering a fine frenzy by thinking the cover of her album was interesting, i discovered the absolutely wonderful, talented and AWESOME nerina/narnia pallot simply because i heard one of her songs in a shop.

said song: 'all good people.' i heard it several times in 2006 then, when shopping in kingston at the end of the year, i heard it AGAIN and tried to google what i could hear of the lyrics (tried this before and it just drew a blank) and i finally found it <3 then got hold of 'fires' and 'dear frustrated superstar' and fell in love. i've even got some of my friends loving her music :)

my favourite song isn't clearly defined...i love so many of them! just listen to this song & you'll see what i mean:

her lyrics, music & general being just work. yes, i'm gushing! but i don't mind :)

she sounds just like a recording live, if not better. if her october tour is coming anywhere near you, I RECOMMEND HER FOR A FANTASTIC EVENING. i got my special study/dissertation result the day i saw her so you know that she's great ;)

SO EXCITED FOR HER NEW ALBUM. 'the graduate' is (apparently) out on the 5th october (SO buying it in dundee! ... but that's another story) and 'everything's illuminated' is hopefully going to be on it...

http://www.nerinapallot.tv & http://www.nerinapallotfan.com
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2009-07-21 12:02 am
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musical musings - kate bush

I guess I owe a lot to Kate Bush. My Dad played her music when I was a little girl and I have a very vivid memory of being about...3 or 4 (so this would be 1991 or thereabouts), perhaps, sitting in the entrance to my house, playing with some cans (yes, I was an oddball child), singing what I could make out of 'Them Heavy People', my first favourite Kate track and first favourite song ever.

I made my Dad put her music on and I used to try and decipher the tracks I heard (In 'Babooshka', I used to think 'incognito' was a place. If you don't know the meaning of the word, it really could sound that way!) with varying success.

I watched the videos avidly (I'm proud to say that 2 of the KB videos that are knocking about this house actually belong to me :D my 7yo self!) and pretended to be her, this time, with limited success. It was fun, even though I made a complete idiot of myself and even made my parents record it. So yes, there is a video of me in my lounge, prancing about to 'Wuthering Heights.' I still want to have a white dress to wave my arms about on a moor.

I even had piano lessons. I even had the big hair. Sadly didn't have the big voice.

I left the (sort of) fandom for a few years whilst I got into the music of my generation (the Spice Girls... I was a big fan, I'm not ashamed to admit it) but then my Dad bought home a CD copy of Hounds of Love. He put it on and once I heard the beginning, I knew it. The love had returned. Big time. I would spend ages at a time listening to the albums again, refamiliarising myself. There was a day back in 2003 where I felt utterly awful so I spent the day listening to 'The Sensual World' - a remedy.

One of my memories from more recent times involved me rediscovering 'Coffee Homeground.' I loved it as a child so I went looking for it - it was as great as I had remembered. A favourite to this day.

My favourite track will probably always remain 'Symphony in Blue' (it got played for me on the radio once - vair impressed!) but 'Them Heavy People', 'Violin' (the line-deciphering in particular), 'Suspended in Gaffa', 'Coffee Homeground' and, of course, 'Wuthering Heights' will always have a special place in my heart. By that, you can see that I loved her earlier, banshee-style voice tracks slightly more than her later music - but that's not to say I don't love that too; 'Running up that Hill' is beautiful and as for 'The Sensual World'... sensual.

My favourite album has to be 'The Dreaming.' I pretty much love every track... least favourite being the title track.

I would give my limbs to see her live. The lack of legs would only be a minor annoyance.

Here's to you, Kate - thank you for introducing me to the world of music. I'm pretty sure you've influenced my creativity too.

Enjoy my favourite song;

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2009-06-28 11:38 pm

songs that make my day #2

Little Boots - New in Town

You've probably heard it on an advert on music TV. An incredibly catchy, lets-get-up-and-dance song.

Little Boots has been quoted as saying that this song is about being in LA and knowing no-one. I like.

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2009-06-16 01:41 am

found completely by accident... #1

... 'One Cell in the Sea' by A Fine Frenzy.

I got this album simply because I liked the look of the cover and the names of the songs. I was in a shop on the border between Belgium and Switzerland when I found it and made a note to check it out. Lovely, chilled songs. A recommended.
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2009-06-11 02:14 pm

songs that make my day #1

These songs make me happy!

Belle & Sebastian - Heaven in the Afternoon

It has the word 'reverie' in it. Me = happy. I love the beginning & end of the song in particular and every time I hear it, I sway slightly with a smile on my face. I'd call my band Heaven in the Afternoon. & no, it shouldn't be a B-side.

(sadly, there's no YouTube or Last.fm preview :( but download it if you can, it's fabulous!)

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2009-06-04 11:11 am
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cinematters #1 - night at the museum 2

for this, i'll just choose a film i've seen at the cinema either recently (this year, i mean) or one that i've rewatched recently. (y)

cinematters: night at the museum 2: battle of the smithsonian

i haven't seen night at the museum 1 so, to be honest, apart from comedy, i wasn't sure what to expect. it was rather good (i really like the concept), i had to say, though it was a little slow at first - though i think, as i hadn't seen the first, that was more me trying to put 2 and 2 together. ben stiller's good (i think the last film i saw him in was bedtime stories..?), as was amy adams as amelia earheart, whose hair i want (/vanity). the film definitely got better towards the end and i really enjoyed all the special effects! nice touches of history. the monkeys were adorable. perhaps i should get stuck in a museum now.

i think i'll give it 7/10. what does everyone else think? (though i'm not entirely sure why i am saying this, because no-one will give their opinion ;) )

imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1078912/
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2009-06-02 01:16 am

fantastic theatre #1 - avenue q

avenue q - my favourite musical! & i've seen a few.

anyway, puppets meet "real life" in this hilarious musical about the inhabitants of a new york suburb. if you want love, sex, race, homosexuality, porn & puppets... you've come to the right place! currently starring daniel boys of any dream will do & the 'hardest working woman in the west end' julie atherton as well as a host of other talented performers, you're in for a treat - especially as the tickets are decently priced!

it's just come back on after a brief hiatus (it was due to close at the noel coward, but following massive ticket sales after the announcement, it was moved to the gielgud theatre) & thank god for that. everyone should see this, whether they like musicals or not. even if they don't like it, at least they've given it a try.

avenue q, booking until september at the gielgud theatre, london. you may find your purpose! http://www.avenueqthemusical.co.uk

& i will see it on broadway one day.

^ this is the original london cast, performing one of the highlight songs 'it sucks to be me' (and it does). although the cast, bar JA, have moved on, the current cast are just as good!
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2009-05-31 05:34 pm

brilliant comedies #1 - peep show

my thoughts on my favourite comedies. today: peep show.

innovative in its style, peep show takes the point of view of its characters and shows it to the audience. not only do we hear the characters' voices, we hear their thoughts. it's because we know or know that people like mark & jeremy exist that we find it so funny. mark is an awkward social misfit who thinks he knows what he wants but in the end can't face it (when it comes to sophie, of course - in other relationships he just fails hands down) & jeremy is a lazy musician whom i'm pretty sure still thinks he's a teenager. he bloody well acts like it anyway! definitely, definitely worth a watch. i recommend the fourth episode of series one. you'll never listen to ocean drive in the same way again.
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2009-05-29 01:48 am

the online diary websites thing.

i've had, over the years, a number of different online diaries.

teenopendiary.com/freeopendiary.com/[insertwordhere]opendiary.com - the first one i ever used. i remember updating it back in 2002 when i'd had an argument avec ma mere & some random american lady commented on it with some helpful words. what they were, i do not remember, but that was nice of her. the website died every so often & i'm not entirely sure it's still up anymore, which wouldn't make an ounce of difference to me because i don't remember my username or password or even what i've written. though i think i once wrote a ranty, badly structured and even more badly typed post about holby city & the demise of my favourite character and all that jazz. oh, and a post about heather's wonderfulness. if i could find that now, i'd read it and see how i'd amend it. teehee.

diaryland.com - nice & simple and fortunately, for editing's sake (because it is JUST embarrassing), i can log in. i update, oh, every 2 years, perhaps? not that anyone actually knows it's around & there's no commenting feature as far as i know. it just makes me laugh! the spelling & punctuation are awful and i am a bit ashamed of myself. so clearly the mind of a 14yo.

livejournal.com - yeah. livejournal. my homeground, my homeboy, my homie. have connected to some awesome people on there, you can have locked entries and, woohoo, icons! so i still use it, but my updating is pretty erratic. i'll post every day for a while then not at all for several weeks. the link for this one is staying in my hands because i still use it. not that i'd be hard to find, of course...

blogger.com - first used this for my online journalism course and although it was alright, i could never really bond with it like i could with livejournal. it's good, however, for when your friends are constantly asking you what you want for your birthday - just give them the url to your list, hosted on blogger! http://afternoonreveries.blogspot.com - in case you wanted to buy me something, nice people. also hosted my energy saving blog on this website: http://simpleenergysaving.blogspot.com such a dynamic name.

dreamwidth.org - getting used to this, liking the freedom of this being totally open & livejournal being totally private. this is totally an elite version of lj. :D
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2009-05-28 12:58 pm

words of love, words so leisured, words are poisoned darts of pleasure

that's the second time i've missed the last train home from london.

first time was after we saw franz ferdinand at alexandra palace and missed the final train, so our friend's dad had to come pick us up.

the second time was last night where i'd missed the last train from victoria, forgot completely about the last train from waterloo east and couldn't get to there because there were no eastbound jubilee trains or london bridge because i was on the wrong branch of the northern line when i got to embankment. *sigh* thankfully i still had the keys to the flat and just about enough battery on my phone to tell my parents/flatmates/friends where i was. i forgot to add that i've emptied out my flat so i was quite cold last night. :p

i was only in waterloo too. it doesn't matter, however, because last night was awesome :) i'd much rather miss the last train than miss that altogether.
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2009-05-27 12:59 am
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i find it ironic that...

...i own a book called 'getting rid of matthew' which i am still to read and bought long before the latter half of last year.
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2009-05-26 03:38 am
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5 reasons why the completion of ALL final year essays is so rewarding.

1. no more essays or uni.
2. the prospect of a degree and therefore being a graduate! here's to hoping mr 2:1 will visit.
3. less pressure...until you go out into the working world.
4. the satisfaction that comes with completion.
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2009-05-25 09:48 pm
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reason #297435 why 'rockferry' is one of the best songs ever...

... it comes right after 'rockers to swallow' by the yeah yeah yeahs on my ipod.
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2009-05-25 01:16 am
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I have Dreamwidth, thank you to edeainfj :) shall see how it works when I am less tired ;)